Monday, August 30, 2010

After-Dinner Walk

I'm a few days behind on posting these but that is the way things have been lately. Miss E and Mr. T are getting ready for school to start - or should I say, I am getting ready for school to start and we are trying to finish up our summer jobs and prepare for fall. When I started this picture-a-day project, I promised myself that I wouldn't feel guilty if I fell behind in posting. The pictures are all taken on the actual day of the posting date, some of them just don't make it into/onto the computer until a few days later. I wish they did but this was supposed to be a fun project for me so I don't feel too bad if it's a few days behind.

Some nights after dinner Peter takes the kids (and Ginger if she is on the sunny-side of the street that day) for a walk around the block. We used to do this together before we had kids but I find now I enjoy the quiet at the house while they are gone. Tonight I ran out and snapped this as they were heading back up toward our house.

I love those kids. And that guy. And even that dog (mostly). 

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