Thursday, June 6, 2013

Oven Shopping

A blurry picture of my honey.

These last weeks of school are unbearably busy. June always is for us by the time you throw three birthdays and father's day into the mix. I just forget it every single year until it gets here again. Kind of like December. Somehow I never remember how busy December is until it happens. Anyway.

Peter has been out of town, my work has been busy, I've been helping my mom out a lot and the kids have events/things to turn in every single day. In the midst of all this our oven died. Since we have no microwave (really) and no toaster oven and the BBQ drip pan just HAPPENED to rust through this winter, it essentially means we have no way to cook or even heat food. Since our family is unlikely to become raw foodist (sprouted lentils aren't really my style), it's a problem. Today, after field day and Doughnuts for Dads and before pick up and my meeting with the TAG coordinator and Taekwondo and the cooking class I'm taking tonight, we carved out a few hours to shop for a new oven.

I was incredibly cranky and could tell I was stressed because the sales people were EXTRA annoying. I'm not really the sort of person that gets irritated with sales people. By the time one of them pointedly asked me if I needed help while I was in the middle of a phone conversation with my mom, and the teenage boy in hipster jeans tried to sell us the most expensive one there because it has a few more inches of oven room, I was kind of done. Fortunately we hit Starbucks for an iced latte and some research and re-energized. Then we found a floor model! on sale! that would work and ironically, after being nothing but swarmed and pestered by salespeople, we had to go looking for one to actually purchase the the oven. It's not being delivered until the 11th but I don't care. It was cheap, decent and I don't have to worry about it anymore other than figuring out dinner for the next few nights.

Whew. One thing off my plate.

Monday, June 3, 2013

Swinging in the Tree

Someone really is missing her brother. He's been gone for four days now (fishing with Daddy) and it's just not the same without him. She has, however, been spending a lot of time climbing the trees and searching for bugs to put in her bug house.

Also, in other news, our oven exploded. Last night - it looked like firecrackers went off in it. Because of the nature of Peter's job, I am pretty good at handling things on the homefront when they come up. A firefighter just isn't going to be able to come home because a sink is clogged. It's just a fact of life. However, I don't deal with electricity or things that might explode, so I called in the repair guy on this one. Tonight I had the pleasure of paying $70 to hear that my oven is dead and we need a new one. Super fun.

What I have been enjoying, is my four days with this little lady. She and I, the two of us, we are quiet. We like to read and not talk incessantly and do our own thing. Sometimes when everyone is here it feels like we don't make those little spaces in the day to connect with each other as we have over the last four days. It's been so very very nice and I am reminded once again (over and over) what a lovely daughter I have in her. She's such a blessing and joy in my life to shepherd through childhood. When she is grown, and I don't have to do the full-on mom thing anymore, she is going to be a great friend and joy in that way. I could not be luckier.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Sleep Over

The boys are off fishing for four days, so E and I are on our own. Tonight she is having her friend over for a sleepover - the first one at our house. They spent the late afternoon in the yard climbing trees and gathering bugs - because they are kindred spirits in that way. It's so sweet to watch a good friendship develop and deepen for your kids. Just very rewarding all around.