Saturday, September 25, 2010

Ella's Posse

Another Saturday, another soccer game. Our fall has nicely settled into a weekend rhythm of soccer, family time, cleaning, cooking and football. Not necessarily in that order. This weekend 2 old and dear friends (well, they aren't so old, Peter has just known them since childhood) came to spend the weekend with us. This is a real treat for us all because Peter gets to see friends who live far away and the kids absolutely adore these two guys.

Because of this at Miss E's game today she had quite the cheering section. On the left in the brown hat is Ryan, next to him in the white hat is Casey, my Mom is in the red shirt and Mr. T is telling her a joke. Miss E was hanging out with us waiting for her turn to go back into the game. Peter was out on the field coaching and I, of course, was snapping pictures. It felt good that we could easily supply such a great group of adults to cheer her on for a regular Saturday soccer game. Old friends are the best. Well, new friends are good too but there is something about friends that have turned into family that is pretty special.

It was also wonderful to have my mom there because Mr. T has not exactly made the last few soccer games really enjoyable for me to watch. It's a bit boring for him and he's a bit too young to understand the whole "supporting your family thing" so he spends most of the time complaining. Fun, I know. So she greatly helped with entertaining him and afterwards they had a "special Nana date" which involved a carousel, lunch at a restaurant, ice cream, a toy store and a new Buzz Lightyear toy. Yeah, he was in heaven.

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  1. total fun! Especially for Theo AFTERWARDS! That's wonderful. Ohhh, I remember trying to keep Maggie entertained during Pete's stuff--arrgh! One wrestling match Chris and I were talking and within a second, there she was--out on the mats with Peter 'n Ryan... sheesh. I got yelled at. Me. The MOM! :) Too many times like that to share--but they were fun.