Monday, September 6, 2010

Pirate Re-touch

Mr. T was playing pirate this afternoon - the little wagon is their skiff and he is currently sailing out to check for sharks. Apparently sharks are afraid of 4 year old boys with dimples and cow-licks.

As for the photos, it seems I have been using the re-touch tool lately to mostly clean off the kids faces. Seriously, it's like a virtual washcloth. And what is with my kids always having crust on their faces? Is that a summer thing? I don't seem to remember taking children who looked like street urchins to school last year. Perhaps it has to do with the 20 snacks a day they are demanding during the summer? Or the fact that they seem to be unable to eat sitting down or in one place? Oh, school year, I welcome you and the order you will restore to our lives.

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