Friday, September 17, 2010

River Rock

We finally made a decision on driveway gravel and river rock won out (yay!). So we have had 8 yards of this beautiful stone delivered to us. I have shoveled about 1/2 a yard, the kids shoveled and moved about 1/4 of a yard and you can do the math on how much that left for Peter. It looks great and come this winter, hopefully our driveway and yard won't be such a mud pit. I love the look of this rock when it's wet, I love that we can walk on it barefoot and I love that it still keeps our driveway a permeable surface. With so many trees around and the amount of cement and asphalt in the city, I think it's really important to keep this kind of surface when possible. Plus, we won't be cursing in 5 years when the tree roots push up like we would be if we had cement. Win win all around. (Especially on the shoveling part - thanks babe!) Also - kids think hills of gravel are insanely fun. Seriously. All you new parents out there - buy your kid a yard of gravel. So. Much. Fun.


  1. Were you happy with the result, has the driveway held up well ? I plan to use river stone as well, many claim it will shift more but it is so much more attractive than crushed limestone.

  2. We have been very happy. This was actually four years ago and just this year we are talking about getting another load to fill in some low spots, etc. It has been really nice because the kids are out there barefoot a lot and it isn't as hard on their feet as the crushed rock plus when it rains the stones turn all kinds of different colors. It's really pretty.

  3. TY Sarah, I am restoring an old Tudor revival home and the river stone will compliment the multicolored slate roof. The preparation for this has taken some time !