Friday, October 29, 2010

Halloween Dance

Friday before Halloween  - both kids got to wear there costumes to school today and Mr. T had a Halloween party complete with pinata at his school. And candy. Always with the candy this time of year.  I sincerely hope that the kiddos are not yet old enough to notice us stealing their candy after they go to bed.

Miss E went to her first school dance tonight. The Harvest Hip Hop dance to be exact. Peter went with her and I was told it involved a DJ with a light package, glow in the dark necklaces, a couple hundred kids in costume dancing to the Black Eyed Peas and candy being thrown out to the crowd between songs. We actually weren’t going to take her to the dance thinking it was for older kids but another parent assured us there would be kindergartners there and sure enough there were. A bunch of kids from her class and soccer team were there and she even went up in front  of the crowd for the kindergarten part of the costume contest.  Sometimes I can't believe this is the same girl we had last year - last year she would not have gotten up in front of a crowd for any reason. This year, no problem. 

I’m glad we ended up taking her, she had a great time and it is fun to have stuff like this for her to do that is supervised and parent-friendly as well as.  We really wouldn’t take her to an event like this and drop her off but it was a great thing for her to do with Peter.  

So begins our Halloween weekend.

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