Sunday, October 31, 2010


This year for Halloween, we marched with the kids in a local parade. Well, it's not so much a parade as it is a (large) group of people in costumes walking through the street together. There were all kinds of crazy and creative costumes there - it was amazing. For the 2nd (3rd?) year in a row, Peter wore his fire gear with Mr. T. It was super cute and during the parade they were definitely a hit. Everyone was looking at them, coming up to talk to Peter, it was pretty crazy. Miss E looked adorable of course in her butterfly costume and the weather was perfect. I think Peter was even a bit hot in all his gear.

After the Monster March we headed up to my parents house for dinner and trick or treating. Some year I really want to go in our neighborhood, but currently there are no sidewalks or streetlights so it's not the greatest place. Hopefully in the next year or so there will be a new house and new neighborhood to trick or treat in. Until then, it's at my parent and it is truly a joy to take the kids trick or treating on the same streets and to the same houses that I went to during my entire childhood. This year my mom walked around with us while my Dad stayed home to pass out candy. After the march this afternoon, the kids were pretty tired so after about 40 minutes of trick or treating Miss E announced she was tired and wanted to go home. We were home in bed by 8:30. All in all it was a pretty nice, low pressure holiday which is one of the things I love about Halloween. Now I just have to figure out what to do with all the candy.

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