Friday, October 1, 2010

Monkey Bars

This evening we met some friends to play at a park and have a dinner picnic. Soon after we got there Miss E proceeded to go back and forth across these rings (both the swinging and static ones) about 100 times. Seriously. It was crazy and my friend and I commented on how athletic she is and how much arm strength she has until she came over and showed me her hands - blisters. 2 huge blisters. And I, without thinking, said "you have to stop going across the bars" to which she immediately replied "no, I don't" and walked over to get up again. While I was rapidly figuring how to handle that, she burst into tears as the pain hit. Then tears turned into screaming and I felt so bad for my little monkey. Ouch. 2 big fat blisters on her hand.

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