Saturday, November 27, 2010

On our way to the play

My mom took all four of the kids to a puppet show of Cindarella today. Miss E was super excited and dressed in her fancy (and new thanks to yours truly waiting in line at the Gap for 45 minutes yesterday - it didn't seem that crazy at the time) clothes. For her getting dressed up today meant wearing a sequined skirt, shirt with rosettes, matching sweater, sliver glitter shoes, necklace, headband with bow and bike gloves. When she came out of her room with this ensemble on, I almost started singing the "one of these things is not like the others" song from Sesame Street. Remember that song? They don't do it any more but that was one of my favorite parts. Or it must have been because I still remember it. Something like that.

Anyway....... While my mom and the lucky (or unlucky) Uncle Jason took the kids to the play, my sister and I got to go shopping. This is evidence of how much I love shopping that I was willing to go again today, after our marathon yesterday. Today we shopped for us and hit all the super sales at J. Crew and Banana Republic. it was fun and low key and really nice to spend time with just Honore. She and I don't get to do that enough.

The kids all had a blast at the puppet show and came home after lunch at a restaurant with balloons, masks they had made at the show and Mr. T assured me that I was right, the Cinderella puppet show was not, in fact, scary.

A note about the photo: I only took three of them before the show and 2 were awful. In the background is my awesome nephew wiping his nose. In the foreground is the (unopened) bottle of coffee liqueur that my mom was trying to pawn off on all of us (nobody took it). It's a lovely photo overall don't you think? Let's just say, it's really us.

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