Sunday, December 5, 2010

Christmas Tree

Here is a rare pic of me and the kids. After the basketball game this morning, we headed out with my parents to get our Christmas tree. It was gorgeous out - not too cold, sunny, dry - it was really pretty. Miss E found us the perfect tree after running up and down the hill a few times, Mr. T FREAKED out because it was windy and OH MY GOD the wind! THE WIND! There was much crying and screaming, enough so that my parents heard him from the other side of the Christmas tree farm and headed over to see what was up. They both tried to talk to him but he would have none of it. As my mom said later "If neither Nana nor Grandpa can help him calm down, it's pretty serious". Yes, he was pissed. I have no idea where this fear of the wind came from, I offered to let him stand behind me, bury his face in my coat and finally ended up carrying him just to calm him down. I think at this point he was a little embarrassed too. When the guy came to pick up my parents tree he offered the kids and I a ride up the hill in his ATV and Mr. T immediately brightened up about that. The man was very nice and gave us a long ride around. After that it was hot chocolate inside with Nana and who wouldn't be happy with that?

Tonight Peter and the other Dads of kids on the basketball team took the kids out to dinner and to their first Blazer game. Miss E had a lot of fun with the other girl on the team (girls and boys are divided at this point, you know. I think that starts in Pre-K and Kindergarten it's final. We even had problems on the team with the boys not passing the ball to the girls and vice versa) and Peter and I are starting to get more comfortable socializing with all the other parents at this school. Most of them are doctors and lawyers and such, which is a bit of a different circle than we have run with before but we're getting used to it. Miss E loved the Blazer game, had a crazy fun time with the other kids and even though they left after the 3rd quarter, she still didn't get into bed until 9. It's been a packed weekend for sure. I am looking forward to the end of basketball and some more family/relaxing time.

Also, if any of you are photographers out there, I am asking for a new lens for Christmas, something that will make the pictures look clearer, crisper, or something like that. Any ideas? I have a Canon Rebel EOS XTi that I shoot with most regularly.

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  1. you know your father in law/love would enjoy talking to you about that! He's now in a photography club--been going since 1965 or something like that! He enjoys it a lot!