Saturday, December 25, 2010


  A few things about Christmas:

1) At 6:45 am, as Mr. T was opening his stocking, he yelled out "Santa must be really thankful for us!". At 7:00, sitting in front of his new fire station, munching on a piece of candy from his stocking, he declared this was the "best Christmas ever!" This was all before Peter got home this morning.

2) The kids did a fantastic job opening presents this year. We don't get everyone a ton of stuff, but there are 10 of us and we open presents 1 at a time. It can take awhile.  In years past there have been multiple meltdowns but this year - none. They asked who things were from, looked at cards, didn't rush each other as soon as they opened something new and were excited to hand out presents to other people.

3) Everyone got really awesome, thoughtful gifts. Peter did a good job of taking each of the kids out to pick out something for me. Miss E went to a jewelry store and picked me out a beautiful necklace. After I opened it, Peter told me that she has inherited my knack for unknowingly picking out the most expensive thing in the store. Apparently he had to talk her down a few pay grades. I love that girl. Mr. T picked me out some gloves, and he was so proud and excited about that.

4) The kids could not stop climbing on my parents couches.

5) Favorite Gifts:
Mr. T - fire station, garbage truck, legos
Miss E - new baby doll, legos
Me: necklace, black coat, fingerless cashmere gloves
Peter: new phone, ipod cable

6) We spent the afternoon playing with toys and games and resting.

7) We had salmon with huckleberry sauce and roasted root vegetables for dinner. And wine, lots and lots of really good wine.

8) After dinner we had our traditional bingo game complete with prizes. This year the adults did it white elephant style - we didn't think the kids were up for that yet. Peter and I came away with a Patagonia shopping bag, Aveda hand cream and a silicone spatula. Best Bingo prizes ever. The kids all had fun and played about 8 rounds of bingo. Mr. T was especially into it, standing up, throwing his arms and the air and yelling "Bingo!" every time he won.

6) Christmas was awesome.

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