Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The End of Basketball

1) Basketball is over. The last game was tonight in a very crowded hot gym.

2) We are all glad it's over. It's probably not Miss E's sport, the schedule was a bit much for our family and overall we are relieved to be done.

3) I am completely opposed to the kids getting trophies for participation in every sport. This was a 7 week "season" during which she played awesome during practice and warm ups but checked out during the games. Her performance was mediocre and the only thing I was a little irked by is that she didn't try harder. But also, at this point, for this sport, I think boys and girls should be split up so that's not really her fault. Still, not a trophy worthy performance. Plus, now do we have to keep this? I don't want to keep accumulating stuff like this.

4) Do you see that smile on her face? The trophy was the most exciting part of the the 7 week season. Well, that and the times she actually made her baskets during practice. How could I want to take that away from her?

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