Friday, December 10, 2010

Morning Movie

Well this week started out with a bang - 5 night events in a row coupled with busy days. We are all tired and a I am sick, actually sick. Peter and I have also been noticing some behavior issues with a certain lovely young lady that I think are the direct result of being too busy. As one of my friends pointed out - it's a fine line at this age. Too busy is not good, sitting around the house all day, also not good. They seem to need just the perfect amount of social and intellectual stimulation, structure, and down time. Kind of like the kindergarten equivalent of the three bears. It has to be just right. So today, since Miss E doesn't have school and I am sick, we had morning movie! So much fun. We stayed in our pj's, watched a movie that is not appropriate for Mr. T (the first Chronicles of Narnia), and lay on the couch. Around noon, just before Peter was to bring Mr. T home from school, we decided to get dressed. It was just what I needed and I think just what she needed.

 Also, I cut her bangs.

Also, after they got home, Peter and Mr. T mixed cement for a Christmas present they are making. It was Mr. T's first time mixing cement.

Also, you may see no pictures of our house this week since between me being sick, Christmas decorations coming out and just general busyness, it's a wreck. And not in that cute 1 dish left on the counter sort of way but an actual dog hair, toy cars, furniture moved, piles on the counter, 8 million drawings, pine needles on floor, pile of dirty clothes wreck.

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  1. one should just MAKE sick days so ya can lay around in jammies and watch movies and let house be a wreck! I do it--and I'm just an old gramma with no kiddos here! Really cute Xmasy picture of Ella!