Friday, December 3, 2010

A morning respite

Miss E didn't have school today but Mr. T did, a rarity around here. After our playdate called sick, I decided that Miss E and I needed to do something fun together. So we headed to check out 2 gymnastics schools for her, stopped for coffee and cookies, shopped a little and hit the bookstore and playground. And it was great. I think this is one of the things that drives me crazy about all of our little struggles. She is really fun to hang out with! In fact, I would pick her above most others to do things with - shopping, eating out, adventuring, whatever. She's fun, adventurous, mature (unless she's throwing a tantrum about getting dressed) , observant and engaged.  We had a wonderful time, picked out a gymnastics place for her, got a few Christmas presents, and got to chat and really have fun together. This is really one of the great things about having a "bigger" kid and I so look forward to more outings with her as she gets older.

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