Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Tax Class Day 1

You are now looking at the most hideous Christmas decorations known to man. I wish I could have got a wider-angle shot for full affect, because really, it was much worse than the picture conveys. Picture a window-less indoor hotel lobby, painted yellow - not bright nice yellow but sick yellow, 80's airport carpet, dust covered fake trees and greenery everywhere and it all covered by cotton batting to look like snow! The whole place looks like Christmas threw up.

Why am I looking at hideous Christmas decorations you ask? Well, it was Day 1 of Tax Class today. Whoo hooo!! I cannot tell you how much I hate these classes. Most of the informations is irrelevant to me, you have to sit all day, get up early, and eat about 1000 calories of awful hotel banquet food. This class I am taking with my parents so at least I get to spend the day with them. But half way through today (which started with a 2 hour lecture by a lawyer on depreciation) I realized that this was the worst class I have taken. At the end of the day my mom, who has been a CPA for a million years and taken a ton of these classes turned to me and said, "that was the worst class I have ever taken". And we have to go back tomorrow. Ick. I miss my babies.

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