Friday, January 28, 2011

Girl Scout Dance Party

Taking pictures in a gym is now officially one of my least favorite things. How the heck is that done? With no flash you can't see anything (especially if it's night) and with a flash, unless you are standing right in front of your person, the size of the room eats it up, or the crazy orange floor glares back at you.

Tonight was a local girl scout dance party/lock-in where about 130 girls danced, ate junk food, did crafts, watched a movie and spent the night. They were all in grades K-3 and all local Daisy's or Brownie's. Miss E and I went for the dancing/crafts/junk food part but left before the movie (it started at 9:15!) to head home to bed. That's Miss E in the white nightgown grabbing toilet paper that the dj was shooting in the air. The girls thought it was awesome.

And they danced. They danced the chicken dance, the macarena, the thriller dance, the cha cha cha. They did a congo line and the limbo and they danced disco and the hokey pokey. So.... At this point I have to say that this is not my favorite thing at all. I like to dance, sure, just not all the silly choreographed dances. However, I was trying to show Miss E how FUN this all is and the dj, god bless him, kept yelling out "girls, get your moms! We're going to do the ..... (insert name of dance here)" Sigh. So I danced with Miss E for a few hours and it was pretty fun. It was even more fun to chat with our troop leader and watch Miss E get her groove on and her confidence to head into the pack of bigger girls and boogie down with them.

By the time we left at 9, she was wasted tired. Crazy wasted tired. Couldn't walk, tears at home, tired. But I think that when tomorrow comes she is going to excitedly and proudly tell Mr. T and Peter all about her "big girl dance party" and then we will watch You Tube videos of all the dances and try to teach them to Mr. T. And it will be fun.

I realized also tonight that if I had learned these dances when I was Miss E's age, maybe I wouldn't have always felt so awkward and self conscious about it. Or maybe I would have. At this point though, I have come to terms with the fact that  I will never feel comfortable and confident doing the macarena - I mean, does anyone over the age of 25?


  1. wow--this is stuff we did when we were in Jr. High--how fun for them now, but you were probably wise to take her home to bed! I hated all the dumb dances then and as for now, well, haahahahahaha... like, sure! But I'll sure want to see my g'kiddos whoopin' it up and show me. :) Interesting comments re photo--I just love looking at it--no matter re composition!

  2. We did it in Jr. high too, but I'm glad they are now starting earlier. It kind of takes all the dating pressure off dances if they aren't such a big deal by jr. high. Plus, the girls all had a really fun time and the dj was GREAT with them.

  3. Well, if you had a faster lens.... but that cost lots of money. I actually like the floor reflection and you met the number one all important priority -- it's in focus! Good job.