Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Mr. T's show

Back in September, when Miss E started Kindergarten, Mr. T was having kind of a rough time adjusting to being the youngest/only kid still in preschool. To combat some of that we signed him up for gymnastics which is something Miss E has never done. This was to be purely his thing, and the intent was to help him build confidence, and improve his coordination and motor skills. Well check and check. Today was the end of the semester and the kids put on a "show" to show us how much they have learned. My parents came and we all watched for an hour while Mr. T performed all his tricks on the bar, the balance beam and the floor routine. Most likely, this kid is not headed to the Olympics but the amount he has learned and the fears he has conquered in a few months are incredible. At the end of the show all the kids got a medal and a certificate.  Mr. T was so proud of himself!

Afterwards, we went out to pizza with my parents to celebrate Mr. T. After he has sat through several of MIss E's end of class shows/awards banquets and watched her get a few trophy's and awards, this meant a lot to him to have us all there watching him and celebrating him.

When we got home he spent about 20 minutes trying to figure out where to hang his medal in his room after getting very upset when I told him he couldn't sleep with it under his pillow (a mom has to put her foot down about strangulation, no?). Before he went to bed he had me take about 15 pictures of him wearing his medal and holding his certificate. Unfortunately his version of a "smile" right now looks like a pain-filled grimace and nothing I could say would elicit a better face.


  1. So proud of Mr T! This photo is great and looks like it could be in the Gym's advertising materials - what a proud happy face!

  2. I know! This was the first event where the whole family came to watch HIM do something. At the end, Peter whispered to me "I can't believe he just got up there and did everything!" I had to laugh because that is kind of a new experience for us with a 4 year old. : )

  3. Oh, I love this. I fear LB is going to have issues of his own when BB heads to kindergarten this fall. Thanks for giving me the idea to give him an activity that is all his own.