Sunday, January 9, 2011

Mr. T's Snow Fort

OK, so this isn't really a picture of his fort but I just don't have a good one from today. How about a verbal description? About 6 feet wide, with 2 1/2 foot tall walls around it. He spent an hour this morning building it again before we left. And we did leave this morning, which was actually a good thing.

As great as the weekend was, we were all out of sorts today. Peter has been out of sorts for a week, the kids were super tired from being shorted 2-3 hours of sleep for the last 2 nights, and I was tired of dealing with the grumpiness and the tiredness. Again, can I say thank goodness for the car DVD player? We stopped for coffee about 45 minutes into the drive with my sister and when she and I went in to fill our cups (the guys stayed with the kids in the cars) I asked her how the drive was going. "Oh" she said "the kids aren't sleeping, they are kicking our seats and whining for gum." Again, I was silently thankful that we were not listening to the kids whining especially with the mood Peter was in. Whew. That would have made for a VERY long car ride home.

Once home it was laundry, clean up, baths, get ready for school and watch the Packers win their way into the finals. There is something about ending a trip that both feels good and a little sad. It was a great trip but it was also great to get home and get everything back in order.

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