Monday, January 17, 2011

Why yes, that is a dragon

We spent MLK day with our friend Amanda and her two kiddos at Play Date Pdx. There were also about 500 other people there. It was crazy and loud and crowded and I'm not sure if my kids were tired from physical exhaustion or overstimulation but they were tired afterwards. Really tired and happy.  I didn't go into the gigantic structure (that's Mr. T and Miss E in the cliche pink and blue above) but they told me inside were rings, a dance floor, a dodge ball area, air canons to shoot balls, climbing things, slides and "other stuff". Like I said, I don't care what they were doing in there as long as they were tired at the end. Amanda and I got to sit and have coffee and feed the kids as they ran out for breaks. I think on a less busy day it would be very relaxing and today it was kind of relaxing. Does that make sense?

Anyhoo..... afterwards we got to come home and just relax and get ready for school to start again tomorrow. Peter was at work so the kids and I took down all the forts, got the house back in order and packed up Miss E's homework.

I did ask her if they had talked about Martin Luther King day at school and this is her version of it:

"He had different colored skin and some people told him he was bad because of that and he told them no I'm not and then he was shot. With a gun."

So, there you have it. Kindergarten history. We talked a little about how silly it was to judge people by their skin color and how that was kind of like judging them by eye color and a little (as always) about how great it is that everyone is different from each other. I don't like to go too in depth with my kids about hate issues because I just don't want them to be aware that it's even a possibility to be racist at this point. I think it's better they grow as long as they can understanding how great it is that we are all different before they start absorbing some of the hate around those ideas. (ok, that came out wrong - you all know what I mean).

In other news, Spain. Today was the day, itineraries needed to be decided. After a ton of ideas, a flurry of phone calls, my Dad offering to fly us anywhere in EUROPE for our last five days, we narrowed our departure point to Barcelona. More to come in tomorrow's post.

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