Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Mail Police

Today was Mr. T's Chinese New Year celebration at school and my parent teaching day. Right now the Dramatic Play area is this awesome mail station where he loves to play. The tube in the upper left leads from the loft down and the kids can slide letters in toilet paper rolls down it to other kids at the bottom. In the back right, is a conveyor belt that they can run the mail on. All around the room are mail boxes for them to deliver mail to. There are also stamps with real ink that they can stamp on anything and everything. I'm pretty sure Mr. T only left this area to do his 2 required jobs and for the party. Other than that he was Mr. Mail Police (not sure how the police thing got in there but the kids don't seem to notice...)

1 comment:

  1. totally cool--amazing to see him in PD get up vs FD--hahahahaha!