Saturday, March 5, 2011

Another 48 begins

Today was the start of another 48. I have to say, the weekend 48's in the winter are the hardest for me. The key to these for me is going in organized. The kids and I discuss a day or two before what we are going to do - both fun stuff and work- and what we are going to eat. I find this way, everyone knows what to expect and I feel more on top of things.

This 48 our list looked like this:

Pizza, 4 cheese pasta with broccoli
Breakfast: Raspberry chocolate chip pancakes and blueberry muffins (I like to cook on the weekends)
Some sort of lime dessert

1 hour on treadmill
Clean pit (laundry room)
Change sheets
Do laundry
Get bins for storage- Target
Homework/extra math work
Give Ginger a bath
Pick up mail
Pay bills
Check library account
Clean out closets
Research Madrid hotels - 20 minutes

Fun Stuff:
Movies - 2:55 Sat Gnomeo and Juliet
Fire station  - Sunday morning
Shrinkeydinks - house

Once I make the list, I get out the recipes and make a grocery list if we need anything. And then, I kind of use the list as a guideline. If it gets done, great. If not, well, that's how it goes. I actually got quite a bit of this done today and the kids had a blast at Target this morning and the movie this afternoon. It was Mr. T's first 3D movie ever and I couldn't resist getting a picture of him in those cute glasses. He loved it. And no, he did not eat that entire bag of fruit candy, I actually brought little tupperware cups and the kids split half the bag. They thought it was a huge treat.

I'm hopeful that tomorrow will be as productive and smooth as today was, but if it's not then so be it.

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