Saturday, March 26, 2011


This weekend my sister and her family came to town so they could see a concert in Portland and my parents could babysit. We spent most of the day hanging out at my parents house, me lounging around, the boys watching kids and my sister (a gardener by trade) worked in my mom's yard. Pretty soon Mr. T said that he wanted to go out and "help" Aunt Honore so I let him and of course, my little niece wanted to follow along. They spent about almost an hour out there with her, pulling weeds, looking under rocks and I'm pretty sure Mr. T talked non-stop. But he learned how to use a weeding tool without smashing his fingers in the process! So, I think that's a win.

See that huge bush in front of her? That's a Blueberry bush. An enormous, gorgeous, fruitful blueberry bush that come this spring (summer) will be filled with tons and tons of yummy blueberries. The entire row in front of the house used to be planted with them but my mom keeps ripping them up to put in huckleberries or something else. She's not one to let grass grow under her feet if you know what I mean. That bush though? She's going to have to go through me to take down.

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