Thursday, March 3, 2011

Playdates and Cameras

Mr. T had a playdate this morning that he INSISTED I stay the whole time at. Even though he didn't need me there. Even though I had a ton of other stuff to do and even though it was a bit awkward for the other mom and I to sit there chit chatting when I'm sure SHE had a ton of other stuff to do. But it was the only way he would agree to this playdate for some reason so I assented. And then he didn't talk to me for the entire time we were there. And he had such a good time that he threw a fit upon leaving and insisted that we go over there to play again or have his friend over to our house. 

After we left and got Miss E from school, we headed to a camera shop to see about getting my sensor cleaned. Lately, I think my pictures have been getting worse or at least they are not the crisp quality I would like them to be so my plan was 1) get the sensor cleaned and 2) have a professional look at my lenses and tell me which new one to buy. Seems simple huh? 

Except I didn't factor in my ignorance on the entire issue. The lady looked at my camera and my lenses and surprise, the sensor is perfectly clean and the lenses are fine. The quality of pictures I am getting is as good as my camera and those lenses are going to produce. So basically, the problem is me. I actually have to LEARN how to use my camera and not just rely on auto. Dammit. 

Then she started to talk to me about lenses. She was very nice and tried really hard to explain what the different kinds were and what the numbers meant and I was not getting it at all. Surprise and dammit again, I am actually going to have to learn something about lenses before I plunk $300 plus down on one. Dang. I was really hoping there was a magic lens that someone would tell me to buy and as soon as I put it on my camera all my pictures would come out crisp and beautiful. It really would be so much easier that way.

On my current reading list is Digital SLR for Dummies.

As long as we are talking reading, here's what the family is working on:

Me: Jane Eyre, One Big Happy Family by Rebecca Walker and The Long Walk by Stephen King
Peter: All the Pretty Horses by Cormac McCarthy
Miss E: A variety of learn to read books and Harriet the Spy
Mr. T: Chocolate Fever (do you remember that book? I loved it as a kid)

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