Monday, May 9, 2011

Camino de Santiago - Day 5

Arzua to Arca de Pinto

This is one of the route markers that line the way. These tell you how many km we have to go before Santiago. The other route markers you see everywhere are yellow arrows. It would be very hard to get lost on this section of the trail. At dinner last night, Kris related to us the "4 stages of a camino"

1) Whee! This is so much fun!
2) Why the heck am I doing this?
3) Will this never end?
4)'s almost over..

You can go through the four stages in a day of hiking and I found it quite funny (and true).

As we are nearing Santiago, we are still in rural areas but things are gradually getting more modern. You can tell we are getting close. More and more pilgrims are on the trail. There is a weird sense of entitlement from the pilgrims who started way back in France that they are the only "true" pilgrims but it seems to me that the road is open to anyone. Especially those who are not physically able to do the entire thing or who can't take the time to. I have so enjoyed seeing everyone and either hearing their stories or guessing their stories.

My feet are quite sore at this point. My hiking shoes, while awesome, are not built for carrying a pack. Especially carrying a pack over large gravel and cobblestones. I am looking forward to the end, to seeing more family in Santiago and seeing more of this gorgeous country. However, I am also trying to stay in the present and enjoy the part that I'm on now. I guess I'm in the "will this never end?" stage.

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