Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Jello? Thumbs down.

This blog has fallen a little bit to the wayside. I've been super busy being depressed, watching too much True Blood, procrastinating on my huge to-do list and wondering what the heck happened to our summer schedule. Sorry about that, I'm going to try and get back on the horse, as my Grandpa would say, and get things (andy myself) together again.

The major event of today was that we went out to dinner. Whoo hoo! This is a big event in our family, as it doesn't happen often. Mr. T picked the place (Mexican) and I left work early to meet Peter and the kids there. The kids choice of dessert was ice cream or jello and while I really tried to steer Mr. T to the ice cream, he wanted to try the jello (for the first time ever). One bite later he told me that Jello was a "thumbs down". I know buddy, I know. It's gross. His sister, however, decided to be awesome (like she usually is, unless she's not) and shared her entire ice cream cone with him. While there is something undeniably gross about 2 children passing a single ice cream cone back and forth, each licking it until it's soggy, there is also something incredibly sweet when it's your own children and the ice cream cone is a symbol of their kindness to each other.

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  1. glad you're back at it--I enjoy these blogs so much--thanks for posting! Helps me be sort of part of your life---jello or not! :) Our Aussie girl thought jello was rather obscene--her word! :) We all loved it--still do. Plain and unadorned with fruit or anything... ha! I don't mind if my grandkids feel the same as dear Kirsten... :) <3