Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Play dough to the Rescue

Oh what a day. Miss E, I think, is not feeling well. Or she's upset about the transition of school to summer or the planets aren't aligned properly. Whatever the heck is going on, she is out of sorts and we are all paying the price. Hmm...anyone else I know get super mean and grumpy when they don't feel good? Me? Really? I had no idea....

Anyway, she was not being her best bubbly cheerful self today and all the ignoring and politeness and reasoning I was throwing at her wasn't working so I pulled out the play dough. 5 brand spanking new containers of play dough to be exact. Mr. T started building stuff himself and she eventually joined in and in the end, they built the walled compound you see above together. And in a happy manner. He formed the wall pieces and she put them together and built the tree in the middle. They are quite the team most of the time.

*New Spain posts up - dated May 3-14

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