Thursday, May 26, 2011

Sick Day

My kiddos are a little bit under the weather. I am much under the weather. I kept Miss E home today simply because I didn't want to deal with getting her to and from school and I think she's been feeling crappy for the last few days although I don't know because that is the sort of thing she keeps to herself. Anyone else ever kept their kid home for their own convenience? Bad mommy award?

Well, we all had a sick day, although Miss E did go to gym because she seemed fine but afterward was pretty wiped out. I don't know. It's so hard to guess how someone else is feeling especially someone who won't/can't tell you. We stayed home though and did laundry and watched TV and read books and made cookies. Miss E also made some crazy invention out of a plastic bottle, glitter, a chopstick, some straws, a foam leaf and tape. Mr. T made a ton of those little melty plastic bead things. It was quiet, they cuddled and we rested.

*Spain posts are done! May 3-16

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  1. Ohhhh, everybody needs "down" time, and one way or another our marvelous bodies or minds seem to find a way to get it/take it/make it. I'm glad you are wise enough to allow it--continue that thru the rest of your life. Hope you're all back to your chipper selves...