Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Last Day of Preschool

Oh my. What a milestone for all of us - today was Mr. T's last day of preschool. Seeing as he's our youngest and there are no more little Scriberson babies on the way, it's our family's last day of preschool as well.

It is bittersweet for me. I'm so proud of Mr. T and how much he has grown in all ways this year. He is far stronger, smarter and more capable than when he started the year and he is READY for kindergarten. Full steam ahead, smile on his face, barreling forward, ready for Kindergarten.

The mama? Dragging her feet a bit. I know how different elementary school is and I am a little sad that we are done with preschool. I love the parent-centeredness of it, the child-focus and just how fun and warm and sweet it it. Elementary school is a lot of great things but it's not as warm and fuzzy as preschool - does that make sense? I'm going to miss the warm-fuzzies people. My kids may not need it, but I still do.

It felt like a really big deal today when Peter and I picked him up for the last time. We took him out to lunch to celebrate (after placing a side bet amongst ourselves as to which restaurant he would pick - Peter won) and then went to pick up Miss E. He seems really happy about it. Sometimes kids go through these life changes and it's not such a big deal for them since children, by nature, live their lives very much in the present. Mr. T really seems excited and about this, and he realizes that he has accomplished something big. He's proud of himself which is something I love to see. And he should be - with three years of preschool under his belt he is more than ready to head off to kindergarten and I'm excited to see how much he grows next year. But it may just take me the summer to adjust.

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  1. Ohhh, they do speed along in life--sometimes too quickly, and sometimes too slowly for all us adults in their world. I'm going to a Kindergarden graduation today for one of dear little friends here named Violet. I adore the children and am blessed to have several in my life--but still----they aren't my REAL grandchildren--just pseudo ones to love and enjoy until I get to be with my very own! Soon--cya soon! For now, I'm soooo thankful for this wonderful blog of yours--and for YOU!