Monday, June 6, 2011

The Life Story of a Stick

For many years you grew on one of our evergreens. Strong and tall until, this winter, a storm blew you down. After that you sat on the ground for a few months with weeds growing around you. Then spring came and you met Mr. T. It was an enchanted friendship, he held you up high to touch the roof of the house, he launched matchbox cars off your end and used you as a catapult for pine cones. Then he turned you into a bridge for his little cars and they zoomed all up and down you. It was a happy few days.

One afternoon though, he and his sister get into a fight. She takes her stick (we'll call him Bamboo Garden Stake) and whacks Mr. T on the head, in kind, he whacks his sister on the head with you. Neither child is hurt, but that is the end of your friendship with Mr. T. The very next day you are crushed up and put in the yard debris bin. Enjoy your future as mulch, you deserve a nice long rest, and thanks for the memories.


  1. Funny, Sarah, thanks for the chuckle. Hope your Sunday looks brighter-sunnier weather i mean-than here in SF.

  2. that piece 'n pic could/should be in a magazine! Awwwww...

  3. This is a great blog, Sarah! Thanks so much for sharing. I'll enjoy following your guys' exploits this summer!