Thursday, June 16, 2011

Miss E The Gymnast

One of the best and worst things about parenting is that change happens quickly. A phase, whether good or bad, is bound to change sooner rather than later. Today that was a good thing. Miss E and I made nice and the kids and I had a lovely, low-key, chilly day to start off our summer break. We bought birthday presents and bagels and ate cereal and read books and went to Miss E's end of the year gymnastics show.

She is the youngest in the class and also one of the strongest and most capable gymnasts. I am SO proud of her. She did all four of her routines without a hitch even though there were a lot of people in the gym. I could tell she was nervous but she pushed through. I can't believe how far she has come in the last few months. This is definitely her thing right now.

These next few days for the kids and I promise to be super busy but I'm going to try my best to keep everyone on an even keel as we delve into the birthday week (my nephew, Peter and Theo!) and prepare for our vacation. Lots of planning, lists and deep breaths.

Tomorrow we are heading to Eugene for a water-park birthday party for my nephew. At this event, I am going to have to wear a bathing suit. Yep.


  1. LOVE reallllly love the pic of my grandaughter the gymnast! And no doubt you look terrific in a swimsuit. As I said to a very think anorexic friend of mine just today--"We wouldn't worry so much what others think of us when we realize how seldom they do!" mark twain