Sunday, June 26, 2011

Wallowa Lake

Oh my goodness do I love Oregon. We have everything here. Mountains, desert, high desert, lakes, the coast, forest... all of it. For our vacation this year we started out at Wallowa Lake in the far northeast corner of Oregon. I haven't been here since I rode CycleOregon pre-kids (yes, that's a week long bike ride....) and now that the kids are old enough to handle the almost 7 hour drive and the multiple nights of camping, here we are. The drive out here passes through forest, then desert, then some high desert and then you get to the lake nestled at the base of some mountains.

Once we got here and set up camp (after greeting the overly-friendly local deer) we walked down to the lake after dinner to see it and wade (for the under 7 age group) in the freezing waters. Before we were done, both the kids were soaked and proudly talking about how slimy the lake bottom felt. Then it was back to camp for smores and bedtime.

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