Sunday, July 10, 2011

How you know you have good friends

You get invited out for an evening of drinks and food and vacation pictures and you reply back that you can't go because your husband is working. This happens a lot, which is OK. It's just part of firelife. But at this point in time, said husband has been gone a lot and a night of drinks and friends sounds just about right.

Friend 1 e-mails back and volunteers her lovely 16 year old son to babysit your kids at her house so they can play with her daughter as well.

Then Friend 2 e-mails and offers her husband to watch the kids while we go out. You go with Friend 2 just because she had 2 kids about the same ages as yours.

You bring her lovely husband a 6 pack of beer to pay for his babysitting services because while you haven't offered, you are sure they would not take money for it.

You enjoy a grown-up evening of drinks and food with said wonderful friends. And ruminate on how lucky you are.

And then Mr. T stuck his face (mouth open) in a dirt hole. Which was both adorable and gross.


  1. Ah yes, young boys are absolutely the most ... I will stop right there.

  2. Thanks for the beauty shot of my yard - I will make sure to give you photo credit when I submit it for the Garden Tour application. : )

    The kids had a blast (and so did I!).