Friday, July 15, 2011

Raspberry picking

Peter left this morning for Cycle Oregon - a three day bike ride and the kids and I went berry picking with my mom. Miss E is quiet the picker this year, but my mom is the master berry picker of us all - her skills are something I aspire to and she is able to pick while Mr. T talks constantly to her. For like an hour or two straight. At one point they had moved to another part of the patch, leaving me in the blissful quiet, and a woman stopped me and asked if Mr. T was my son. When I told her yes, she said "he's quite the talker!" and I replied "yes he is."  (understatement of the year there) and she continued on "It's so refreshing to hear such a young boy talking a lot, and his vocabulary is wonderful! You are very lucky." And it was just one of the sweetest things to hear. I love getting little reminders like that about how great my kids are. Because the ARE. It's just when you've listened to Mr. T talk for practically every waking hour of every last day sometimes you forget how great it truly is.

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