Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Stuff to do

Despite it's late start, summer has come barreling at me full force. Today I found myself staring at a to-do list as long as my arm coupled with a migraine.

Peter has been working A LOT.

We have been gone A LOT. (Neither of those things is going to be changing much in the near future...)

My yard needs work and watering and my kitty cat is sick and requiring a lot of care. There are flowers to be planted. The house is a mess. We are not unpacked from vacation. There is a week's worth of mail sitting on my desk. Checks need to be deposited, dog food needs to be purchased. These things called "bills" need to be paid. Strawberries need to be frozen or made into jam. There are friends to call and e-mails to respond to.  The third book of the Hunger Games needs to be read. And oh yeah, those little creatures I call my children require feeding several times a day.

Despite my bitching, our vacation was beyond WONDERFUL. Maybe the best we have taken with the kids. Posts and pictures will go up as I make the time. Peter working a ton is a good thing as well, even though I am spending a lot of time as a single parent, it's better for our family overall. So, I am going to put my head down, tackle things one at a time and just get it done as I can.


  1. Sorry for the to-do list and happy that the vacay was fabulous. Kids are perfect ages for these trips.

  2. Yay for the Hunger Games trilogy - isn't it good that there is at least one fabulous thing on that to-do list?