Friday, August 12, 2011

Back to School Shopping

I'm finding myself pre-occupied with thoughts of fall and planning and schedules so I figured I'd just get it all done in order to enjoy these last glorious weeks of summer.

Today the kids and I went out to get school supplies for both of them. BOTH OF THEM. For the first time ever, I have two kiddos in elementary school. 3 entire days of the weeks they will both be in school all day. 2 days, Mr. T will go half-day and be home at noon. He is so excited for kindergarten. Bursting with excitement. There is none of the nervousness that Miss E and I felt last year at the beginning of the year. I attibute that to us knowing who his teacher will be (same one Miss E had last year) and pretty much the whole kindergarten routine. This is one of the great things about being the youngest kid - we've pretty much got it figured out. Miss E and I are both curious about what 1st grade will be like, who her teacher will be, how they structure the full day and how they handle the 1/2 split classroom. We'll find out soon enough!

This weekend Peter and I are heading up to Seattle without the kids. We are going to see some friends, ride on boats, go out to dinner, see movies, stay up late and enjoy every last minute of it.

When we get back, it will be back to enjoying this lazy summer with the kids and finishing up the projects we started on the house.

And then it will be fall, with schedules and school and soccer and a photography class and football and birthdays and perhaps a beach trip thrown in there. I am so looking forward to it, but I can wait a few more weeks.


  1. What fun--both kiddos in school. Tooooo exciting. Can we take 'em shopping when we get up there again and let 'em choose an outfit for school? You and that man of yours enjoy every minute of your weekend away! Make happy memories with just the two of you as a couple...

  2. Yes, that is the bonus of being the youngest! LB has never been scared about anything. Ever. BB really isn't either, but LB is totally unfazed by any new experiences!