Monday, October 17, 2011


Raise your hand if you kids woke up this morning and fought over everything before school - breakfast, toys, getting ready - EVERYTHING. There were tears and pushing and everything was a crisis - the backpack, the shoes, the lunch - and then you lost it and yelled in your really really loud and scary voice at them right before you left for school. Enough so that each kid in the car had tears in their eyes that they wouldn't let spill because we were headed to school. And you told them you wouldn't walk them in, that it was curbside drop off which you know your son hates, and then as they got out of the van you see your daughter, who had done nothing but be mean to him this morning, grab his hand and comfort him as they walked in together hand in hand. And then you felt small and guilty and mean.

(raises hand)


  1. Aw, Sarah, it’s ok to let the mean you get out once in a while. That’s what the world will give them if they act like that so in a very real sense you are showing them what will happen once life starts biting their ankles.

    That said, I offer you a hug and a shoulder to rest your weary head for a moment or two. Kids have short memories; it’ll probably be forgotten by this afternoon.

  2. I still recall times like you describe--exactly. We all lived thru it all, and so will you all... truly. I've asked both Peter 'n Meagan and they sure don't recall the incidents, and in my heart I remember 'em exactly--not what they did--it was all just the same oh, same oh, fighting like you describe. What I remember is my reaction. And it is forgiven 'n forgotten--so what the heck! Love covers it all... always does! And Love describes you as a good mom--so no worries!

  3. Been there, done that! And no matter how mean we are to them - no matter how mean they are to each other - they still know right away who is on their side. That's the best part of being a family - we see the best and worst of each other, often within the same five minutes, and still have room in there for love. (This coming from someone who was ready to sell one of them to the circus this morning!)

  4. Yes ditto to all the comments above, AND - Hey! It worked! They were finally nice to each other! - The exact same has happened here.