Thursday, November 17, 2011

Christmas Card anyone?

I've been in a tax class for the last two days (ugh....) and haven't been taking any new pictures. I had to share one more from our walk last Sunday though. This so perfectly represents the kids. Miss E being a bit annoyed with the picture taking and her over - exuberant brother and Mr. T just hamming it up for both.

On a side note, this is the first year that Peter hasn't had to burn 12 or 24 hours of vacation time for me to go to my continuing ed class! He only had to take 3 hours off on Wednesday to drop the kids at school and then my mom picked up Mr. T at 2:30 (which he was SUPER excited about) and came home to meet Miss E's bus. School is pretty awesome, despite the fact that I feel like I have no time with Miss E anymore. I miss hanging out with just her and this weekend she's going to be gone both nights! One night to my parents and then the second night to her first sleepover party. Also, first sleepover party? When did my kid get that big?

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  1. hilarious pic with your comments! how weird for her to be gone two nights in a row--wow. Times they are a changin'... I tried to reassure my young moms this morn I go to 2-3x/wk. that life WILL get better/easier/just be different later--and here you are! In a much different place than you were even 6 mo. ago. Sheeeesh--it whizzes by...