Wednesday, January 18, 2012

I'm still here

  We had a little bit of snow

Mr. T loves to help me cook. Here were are making a chocolate sour cream cake from here.

Hello little neglected blog,  I'm still here, just busy. Not exactly sure with what. Mainly trying to keep it all together. Is is fair to say that as of Jan. 18th I'm having a hard time getting back into the swing of things after the holidays?  Here's a few notes about what I've been up to:

Slowly I'm planning Mr. T's bedroom re-do (non-scary Star Wars) and our bedroom re-do. I'm also diligently trying to ignore all the many many ways our family of 4 (plus huge dog) have outgrown our house. 

I ate the most delicious sushi ever

Peter and I had a huge fight and said mean things to each other. Then we made up and decided to try not to do that.

We got Netflix and the new season of Big Love and a Wii so our butts have been parked on the couch a bit enjoying all of our new fancy media things.  

We spent a weekend with my sister and her kids in some cabins in the wood exploring and playing in the snow.

Mr. T has fully immersed himself into Star wars  - well the first two (or the 4th and 5th depending on how you look at it) movies- and suddenly I am learning all these new things like the names of ships and people and creatures and robots, etc. I had no idea there was so much to it.

We all got sick. Mr. T threw up a bunch and the rest of us had a cold. However, for the first time ever, Mr. T was old enough to make it to the bowl  or toilet before he puked! This has got to be some kind of parenting mile-stone. A throwing up child with no laundry. It left me with a lot more time to rub his back and his forehead and snuggle him rather than madly trying to change the sheets or figure out when I was going to get the carpet cleaner from my mom. 

Miss E has started reading again after a brief hiatus, and in re-reading Harriet the Spy has decided to start writing a spy notebook again. I sneak peeks at it at night after she goes to bed and it is hilarious. She has the most amazingly mature and dry sense of humor.

It snowed some. And then it promises to snow some more. I did a snow dance, Peter did an anti-snow dance (firefighters hate the snow when they are on shift) and he won. We woke to rain. Sad. (for me – not for him)

Miss E is selling girl scout cookies! Her goal is 73 boxes and I think she is going to get there.

We found out that Miss E's girl scout leader had a reoccurrence of her cancer. Last year she fought breast cancer and was successful. She is a college professor, a mom of two, a girl scout leader and she coached a 1st grade girls soccer team. An amazing woman all around. Last week she found out that the breast cancer had spread to her brain and is now undergoing radiation for that. It’s scary and sad and disheartening and reminds me once again that life is not fair at all. 

Mr. T has started to ask me how to spell things so he can write them down. This is a BIG DEAL because prior to this he had no interest at all in learning how to write or read. None whatsoever. And I have tried to be patient, so very very patient because I don't want to push it and really, you can't FORCE your kid to learn something. But finally, he is interested.

Miss E started playing indoor soccer, on the turf and she is super excited about it. Big sigh of relief for me. We have an activity. 

That's all for now. Mr. T and I are going to frost a cake, make some soup and wait for Miss E to get home. 


  1. Ohhhh, so glad to read you here again--great pics of the kid and the beautiful snow falling. Sun. we had a tiny bit for a tiny while. There's soooo much life in your life! It's a good thing--even the unfair things that are not really good things, are still life... Take care, hang in there, and hopefully we'll see ya in Feb. sometime--"maybe"... <3

  2. Sounds like you're on a pretty good track to me! Rock On!