Thursday, January 26, 2012

This girl...

She's a princess rock scientist

Sunday night I got really sick. Monday I was better but couldn't get out of bed. Tuesday Peter had to work. Neither of us wanted him to take a day off work to help with the kids so in steps Miss E. Tuesday I was well enough to sit on the couch and only take two naps. That's it. Miss E helped get breakfast for her and Mr. T (I boiled water for oatmeal), she got herself dressed and ready for school and reminded him to do the same. She put their (pre-packed) lunches in their backpacks and told me when it was time to leave. All I had to do was drive them the mile to school, drop them at the curb and drive home. 

Mr. T came home on the bus at noon and ate his lunch, patted my back, got me a glass of water and built Lego's. Miss E came home and said she wanted to fix a sandwich bar for dinner. Then she put out the bread, had me slice cheese and pickles and pears, and got all the condiments out. And she helped Mr. T fix his plate and get his drink. They got ready for bed, she read to Mr. T and they played quietly until it was time for lights out. All in all, I hardly had to do anything. It is such a turn around from when they were little and there was no WAY I could have spent all day sick on the couch. She is just the most amazing, empathetic and responsible girl, and Mr. T is a kind and empathetic boy. They really make every day so wonderful.

The night before Peter went to work, he had told Miss E that he needed her to help me out the next day. There was no offer of reward at the time but last night (wednesday), as a gesture of appreciation we got her a toy she had been wanting for awhile and my goodness, the smile on her face made it all worthwhile.

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  1. I luf luf luf them and am proud to have them my g'kids! But then, you two have been great parents--they weren't just born that way, y'know!