Tuesday, February 7, 2012


This whole day was pretty much my favorite. Played hooky from work and hung out with Peter. We went to Home Depot and Ikea to plan out some near and far in the future home projects (new doors, floors and bedroom furniture!). We went out to lunch. 

Tonight I sat with Miss E and we read another chapter of Harry Potter. Sharing my favorite (late) childhood books with my girl? Awesome. I tried to read it to her about a year ago but she wasn't understanding all of the school and Quiddich stuff so I stopped and decided to wait until she was begging me each night to read another chapter and boy oh boy has that been worth it. She is so excited by the book. She wants to know all about each character, she was nervous about what house Harry would be put in and keeps asking how the book is going to end (she is her mother's daughter....). I love it. Love love love love it. 


  1. Books say sooooo much more than the movies, but I bet she'll wanna see the movies, too! Reading was my fave thing to do with kids, after singing!

  2. I told her we could watch each movie after we finished reading the book. She's pretty excited about it.