Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Mr.T and I

I have hardly any pictures of me because well.... I kind of hate pictures of myself. I always think I look bad and it's hard for Peter to work my camera (or he doesn't like it - one or the other) so there are precious few pictures of me or of me with the kids. This is something I'm really trying to remedy this year because unattractive or not (I know, I know.....) I was here. When the kids look back on their childhood I want them to see that I WAS HERE. Not just behind the camera, but here, day in and day out, playing with them, fixing their toys, watching them play soccer or ride bikes or whatever else they do. And they will want pictures too, the way that I wish there were more pictures of my mom with my sister and I. So this year, one of my resolutions (besides getting everyone on my side of the family to get over their fear of the camera) is to get myself over my fear of the camera. The front of the camera that is, I kind of like the back part of it.

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  1. And THAT is a very very precious photo of you 'n your son. I'd frame it and put it up in his room so he can smile...