Tuesday, February 21, 2012

New project

I think I've mentioned a time (or a thousand....) that our house is tiny. We also don't have a garage or basement. We have two storage sheds, one of which is small and packed with the bikes and lawn mower and tools, and one which is big enough to serve mostly as an extension of space for our house and to store camping stuff. That leaves our attic for all the stuff we are saving, keepsakes, holiday decorations, etc. And our furnace is up there. No big thing. The problem has been that thus far our access to the attic has been a small hatch in the ceiling and a ladder that is not quite tall enough. So for me (or the furnace repair guy) to get up there you had to climb to the top of a ladder and then quickly step on top of a precarious book case and use your arms to pull yourself up into it. Not safe and not quick and easy. We usually have a pile of stuff waiting to be put up there because it's such a pain to do it.

Well. As of today that problem is solved! We put in one of those swing down ladders which feels like living in luxury. It's so easy! Now, why did it take us 7 years to figure this out?

Also, in related news Peter nailed himself into the attic today and I un-nailed him without hesitation. Pretty good huh? There have been a few home projects we have done together where I would have thought a bit before letting him out.


  1. If being a team involves not leaving your partner nailed in the attic then I'm in!!!! Unless he needs a time out.....then being nailed in the attic a bit might not be a bad thing. : )