Friday, March 2, 2012

Big Day for all

Mr. T made his own fort after school. I had to tone down the colors ...well, just because.

Today was a busy day for all of us (except for Peter...) and a fun day overall.

For Mr. T it was their Dr. Seuss celebration at school. They got to wear PJ's to school, bring slippers and a stuffed animal friend and build forts out of all the tables with blankets. Then they got to connect all the table forts, have the entire class sit in them and read books - teacher included. Have I mentioned how much I love his teacher? She is awesome. She is strict and focused and also really really fun.

This was also Miss E's last day of being star of the week. Today at circle she got to present her pictures and all the information about herself to her class. She also got a book filled with one page from each kid where they all wrote 3 facts about her and one nice thing. For her, standing up in front of the class talking about herself is a BIG THING, so she was pretty nervous.

For our cat, well, he got his teeth cleaned.

And as for me, I stepped WAY out of my comfort zone and went to a "fire wives wine night". I really didn't want to go but Peter kind of made me. I was super nervous about it and texted my friend Amanda with something non-dramatic like "this is my worst nightmare!" to which she texted something crazy back like "well, it's probably not the WORST thing ever, you might have a lot in common with those women", to which I promptly lamented her reasonableness over my foot stamping and tantrum throwing. Truth be told though, I did drive by once before I walked in and I did stand in the drive way for a minute looking at 6 well-made up blond women chatting inside and it was awkward when I walked in alone.  BUT, I took a deep breath, put on my big-girl panties, poured myself a glass of wine and found another woman who looked equally as awkward to chat with. By the end of the night I did meet many women who were just lovely and it was nice to chat with some others who truly understood what it was like to spend years on the spouse-end of a fire schedule. The 48's, the weekends alone, feeling alienated from friends because your schedule is so different, the loneliness and the strength you have to have to do it (there's no calling your husband home from work for an emergency).  It ended up being very nice and I will probably go to the next one. So thank you to my husband, for forcing me to go. And thank you to my friend Amanda for dropping me back to reality.  A lot of times I need that hand gently placed on my back pushing forward.

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  1. I soooo remember--hated the gatherings. Went to only 2 of 'em in many many years. But the wives were exactly as you described--they were good women in the same lifestyle. I am friends with 5 of them to this day, altho we don't "associate" with each other's lives--they were good for me then.