Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Miss E Style

So.....clearly, it's tax season. The blog has not been updated, the house has looked better, and I am cranky as heck. The best part about tax season is the big paycheck and the definitive end (April 17 baby!). The worst parts are the hours and the endless stress. I'm tired, my mom is tired, everyone at the office is tired. My mom is a fantastic boss and is always treating the staff to snacks, doughnuts, Starbucks and take-out lunches. It really does keep everyone going. It also (combined with all the sitting) is widening my behind. Another thing to take care of after April 17. I did actually get out and walk with Ginger the other morning but she is kind of like walking a horse-sized squirrel and it was not very relaxing. Anyhoo......

Miss E has asked me several times if she could have her picture taken and put in a catalogue. Since that doesn't seem like it's going to happen anytime soon and since she wears some wild and awesome clothes, I told her that I would put her picture on the blog. I'm sure you've seen those fancy style blogs? Where the ladies apparently have endless money and time and look fabulous every day? Like that. This morning as we were running out of the house I asked her to hold still as I rapidly snapped a few pictures.

Miss E spends a lot of time putting her outfits together each day with an equal emphasis on comfort and color. A few times I have gently said things like "I don't think that skirt (floral print) goes with those leggings (striped, different color family) but she is confident in her look and I am going with it. Sometimes I secretly suspect she is ahead of me fashion-wise. She puts outfits together that I would never dream of yet always look adorable and unique on her. I think there are great things in store for her in the self-expression department (although let's hold off on tattoos for a bit...). I did have to make a layering rule - limit of 2 on bottom and 2 plus sweater on top. Also, no bathing suits or leotards under clothes (true story).

So without further is Miss E's style.

Green shirt: Mini Boden, red striped shirt: Tea collection,
 Capri's: Hanna Andersson (there are leggings under there but I don't know what they are), Boots: Sears

Now check one childhood wish fulfilled for my daughter off this tired mama's list. 

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  1. I hope she reads this with such great affection and love and a big sense of joy in who she was "then"--and hopefully she'll love herself and her style (s) just as much in the present! Her parents have given her a marvelous sense of self and that is a true gift! She's simply, smashingly, stunningly, ELLA! <3<3