Sunday, March 18, 2012

Mr. T, as usual, playing with his two favorite things - the magnetic blocks and Lego's

It's been awhile since I've posted about what we're reading and today was pretty typical so here is what we are reading/watching:

Miss E - she and I are almost finished the 2nd Harry Potter book, then we'll watch the movie and then she will re-read it again on her own. When she is done, I'll start reading the 3rd book to her.

Mr. T - he is alternately being read Charlotte's Web and a Lego Ningajo book. I so so so love Charlotte's Web, it is one of the finest pieces of children's literature ever written (in my opinion which is also correct).

Me - I finally finished the unabridged version of the Stand by Stephen King. Whew. THAT was a big book. Now I'm going to move on to A Vintage Affair by Wolff and a biography of Eleanor Roosevelt.

Peter - I think he just finished a book by Tom Robbins. Not sure what's up next for him.

As for TV watching, the kids have been watching Inspector Gadget cartoons on weekend mornings (awesome) and we just started as a family watching a series called Human Planet. If you have not seen this, go get it right now. We've watched the first two episodes and they were both AMAZING. Miss E really liked them and while there was a short part in the second episode that referred to a fertility festival that I fast forwarded through after Miss E asked me "why would you want to win a lover mommy?" , the episodes on the whole have been very engrossing and educational for Miss E and for Peter and I.

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