Friday, March 9, 2012

Trying to make it up

This ladder is either one of my more brilliant or more stupid ideas - only time will tell. It is wobbly and hard to get up but the kids think it's pretty fun since it's hanging in the tree they usually climb. Miss E can get up it pretty well. Mr. T however, is still working on it. He's pretty frustrated too because I won't help him. Our rule has always been "if you can't get up then you can't get up", meaning that if they are going to climb up something they have to do it under their own power. Seems kind of mean but I think it works to ensure that they don't end up on top of something they can't get down or aren't ready to be on top of. Mr. T spent all day trying to get up this ladder though, he put the chairs underneath (I vetoed using the ladder but told him the chairs were OK), he put his helmet on to keep his head from hitting the tree and he worked at it. His arm strength combined with the fact that the ladder is pretty wobbly is making it hard for now but I predict that by the end of the summer he'll be climbing up this like a champ.

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