Tuesday, April 17, 2012

10 Great Things

Peacock sitting on our fence and a blurry little Miss E in the background walking home

Things that are awesome (yes, I have been using that word WAY too much lately):

1) Hearing Mr. T say "good night Miss E!" and her return with "good night Mr. T, I love you" when they don't know I'm listening.

2) Miss E walking home from the bus by herself (pictured above and yes, it is pretty much just across the street from our house but I'm still giving myself major mom-letting-go points for letting her do it.) and the peacock (on the fence) screaming at the bus as it arrives.

3) Telling Miss E that if she wins the ipad giveaway at school that no, she doesn't get to keep it for herself. (This just feels good because I always feel slightly bad about saying no to my kids but for something like this I don't feel guilty at all. I mean, come on, an ipad for an elementary school student? Last year a kindergartner won it. Crazytown.).

4) My kids lately. They have both just been in the best places. And I know, it will probably change since childhood pretty much IS change, but right now, things are just great.

5) Mr. T's class is incubating and hatching chickens and I am amazed at what a cool project this is and how much he is learning about chicken development. Go school!

6) Clean windows (well, the insides at least but I'll take it!)

7) Tax season is OVER!!!! Whoo hoo! Time to stop working so much and get back to life.

8) Buying football tickets for the fall - Mr. T gets to go to his first Duck game and I am going to my first NFL game (hopefully).

9) Miss E and I reading Harry Potter. We are on the third book and this has been so much fun so far. When I read them for the first time I was almost too old to become completely and totally immersed in the fantasy world they create, but Miss E is not. She is the perfect level right now to not only read the books but to feel them (does that make sense?). It's a pretty cool thing to watch.

10) My niece and nephew coming for the weekend. I haven't seen them in awhile and I'm so excited for a weekend of kid craziness.


  1. your post made me smile. you make me smile. well, for the most part! <3 I am happy you are you. It's a wonderful person to be!

  2. What's that phrase? Accentuate the positive? Sounds like you've got it covered! And how cool is it to have a neighborhood peacock?