Monday, April 23, 2012

Errand Day

With my niece and nephew here this weekend, I didn't get much work done. So today, I told Mr. T, was going to be an errand day. And then it turned into something so much more wonderful. After dropping the kids off at school I made a meal plan, took a shower and went to the store to get Miss E some new socks (we're having a sock crisis, apparently a bandit has snuck in and absconded with all her old socks) and on the way found new plants for our porch pots. New plants! Am I the only one who gets really excited by new plants?

The weather was so mild and sunny that I walked to pick Mr. T up at school. Then he and I enjoyed a slow and fun walk home and then went and had lunch together at a new fancy grocery store in our neighborhood. We went to the bike shop to get me a new helmet and to the grocery store. The entire time Mr. T chatted with me about the chicks at school (they're hatching this week!), Star Wars, his batman shoes, and the kinds of food he likes (ham and gruyere baguette anyone?).

It ended up being just the most lovely day. Sitting at lunch with him, it struck me (not for the first time) that I'm going to miss this a lot. This is my last 2 months of having a kid who's only in school half day. This summer schedules will be loose and crazy (per usual summer planning) and next year both the kids will be in school full day. Drop off at 9, pick up at 3:30. You add in homework, gymnastics and play time for them by themselves and with each other and weekdays are pretty much spent. Not too long ago it seemed like I was always going to have a kid with me at the grocery store and now, not so much. It's going by quickly so I better enjoy the heck out of every second with that kid! Fortunately, he's pretty easy to enjoy.

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  1. Before you can say Tiddlywinks, he'll be creating science projects and skateboarding the neighborhood.