Friday, May 11, 2012

In honor of Mother's Day

I know this blog is very much about me, my kids and our life. That's kind of the point of it - a photo album of sorts for our family. However, in honor of mother's day I think all mothers, and all people should read this.

Where is the mommy war for the motherless child?

It speaks a truth that I cannot overstate. Wasting time judging other's benign parenting choices while there are many many children out there with either no parents or downright cruel and abusive parents is pointless. Once all children have a loving family then let's start arguing about cry it out or not. Until then, we should be more concerned about the kids growing up with nothing.

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  1. I was one of those motherless children--and then the mother died. Sigh. Very well put, dear Sarah. My heart bleeds for them all, and how I loved caring for hundreds of them at my various places in life... Keep on caring with your tender compassionate heart...