Thursday, June 28, 2012

Best Summer Camp Ever

Oh my, this picture does not do their final product justice. Their castle is huge, complete with watch towers, a keep, a church, storage facilities, a dungeon, an armory, a dragon, a moat, a kitchen, a farm and a small village. I wish I could have taken pictures of each little area because the detail is incredible. How this teacher got 14 5-7 year old boys to work cooperatively to build this, I have no idea but my hat is off to her. Tomorrow is the last day and they are going to build catapults and fling marshmallows at the castle before taking it apart. Mr. T has already asked if he can take this class again, and while I'm not sure they offer anything else this summer in the Lego area for kids as young as him, we are definitely going to be signing up at this school again next summer for camps.


  1. Superb! But won't he balk--or they ALL rebel at wrecking it? Arrrrgh! That does sound horrible to me! How about your little lady? How's she faring?

  2. That is so awesome! I wish I could have seen it. Theo will have to tell me about it, including the marshmallow fling.